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All the services we provide are to create more value for customers. Timely, thoughtful and professional after-sales service is the characteristics of Tangguan valve. Tangguan valve can provide you with a full set of project requirements of technical data, drawings and product specifications, production schedule, production inspection control plan, etc. Quality control personnel provide detailed quality tracking for your after - sale products. Customer service and technical personnel to provide on-site unpacking inspection, installation guidance, commissioning and technical training services. Tangguan valve cherish every communication with customers, a full set of valve solutions and perfect after-sales service can help you to meet challenges at any time.

The company's business purpose: integrity first, customer first, strict quality, service to society, our service ability and scope include:

Failure analysis and troubleshooting

1、 Systematic analysis of potential causes of valve failure;

2、 comprehensive judgment of the fault valve in the elimination process of risk risk assessment.

Product repair and maintenance

1、 Provide accessories, equipment and maintenance solutions;

2、 online or offline maintenance and repair;

3、Professional development of maintenance suggestions and plans;

4、valve online maintenance or guidance;

5、 Establish long-term file links for customers' on-site maintenance or maintenance of valves, and establish a regular return visit mechanism at the same time.

On-site technical service

1、 valve and pipeline operation related professional technical consultation;

2、 Suggestions on valve selection and professional design replacement schemes;

3、 Impact assessment of pipeline process and medium on valve;

4、 provide professional equipment to help eliminate the relevant factors affecting the operation of the valve.

Product use and maintenance training

1、 Provide professional training courseware;

2、 Practical operation drills for troubleshooting to meet customers' valve solutions;

3、for customers to develop specific needs of the individual program, to meet the specific medium, flow rate, flow, inspection, testing, maintenance cycle and other maintenance suggestions.

Service commitment

1、 Treat every employee professionally and sincerely, so that they become professionals in the industry;

2、 with professional and mature team to provide customers with thoughtful service;

3、honest service, keep promises, and establish long-term partnership with customers


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